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ND Formation House in São Domingos, Maranhão


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March 7, 2016 was a very special day for our SND mission in the State of Maranhão.  On this day we opened our new Formation House for candidates in São Domingos.  The house has been named St. Julie Billiart Formation House.  Sister Maria Inês Zeiser directs the young candidates with the assistance of the other six sisters who live and work in this region of Brazil.

Many young people leave this particular area for other parts of Brazil, often migrating to Brasilia or São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro or to Santa Catarina.  This is because there are more opportunities in these areas.  By providing a formation house in the Maranhão area, those interested in religious life do not have to go elsewhere to have the opportunity to study and develop their talents.

The four young girls who have joined our candidancy came to know our congregation through the vocation programs held in São Domingos given by Sister Maria Lenice Rebelato, coordinator of vocations for the Passo Fundo Province.  The province has several missions in the region, São Domingos, Governador Luiz Rocha in the Diocese of Caxias, and Pastos Bons in the Diocese of Balsas.  Our hope is to be able to expand our mission in this very poor area.  More vocations will enable us to do this.  We ask that God bless our vocation efforts and our mission in Maranhão.

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