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Mission orientation course in Uganda

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Eleven of the Temporary Professed Sisters had an opportunity to participate in the Teacher Training Course (TTC) in Buseesa, Uganda which commenced on the 11th of June 2021. These Sisters are: Mary Rebecca, Elizabeth Marie, Mary Juliet Ahaisibwe, Mary Magdaline Kalekye, Anna Maria, Judith Marie, Mary Beth, Mary Cecilia, Mary Juliet Karungi, Grace Marie, and Mary Getruda This is a one-year programme beginning with six months of preparation and theory and another six months of actual teaching practice in one of our Notre Dame Schools.

The Sisters began the programme with the Notre Dame educational heritage which was beautifully prepared by Sister Mary Annete Adams and presented by Sister Mary Colette. The following sessions included educational psychology as well as the sociology of education by Sister Mary Rozaria. The Sisters learned how to deal with children of different backgrounds, as well as teachers, parents, and other workers in the school.  Sister Mary Colette had sessions on English, good classroom management, positive expectations, and lesson mastery.

On the 13th of November 2021, the participants had a display of different teaching aids, and are very grateful to Sisters Mary Colette and Mary Rozaria who taught and prepared them for their future ministries. They are also thankful to all the Sisters of the Buseesa community, the Candidates of Notre Dame and the aspirants for their support and for being an audience for their displayed materials.

In a special way, they are grateful to Sister Mary Christine, our Delegation Superior, and her Council for the opportunity to participate in the mission orientation course. These Sisters will soon graduate and continue with their ministries in the Delegation.

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