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Meet and Greet Our New General Government

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On Sunday, February 19, a “Meet and Greet” reception was held at the Motherhouse to introduce our new general government to other religious and friends of the Congregation.

Visitors were invited to join the community from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 P.m. We were delighted to welcome about 50 guests. Sister Linda Marie White, our local coordinator, received the visitors at the front door, where they were asked to put on name tags. They proceeded down the hall and met the members of our general team who were standing in a reception line outside the chapel. Then all were invited to the refectory where a delicious light lunch and dessert were served. Old friendships were revived and new friendships were formed.

The members of the general team look forward to meeting their new acquaintances at future gatherings in Rome throughout the next six years.

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