Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

“Let us sing as we go!” SND Eco-spirituality Center, Regina Pacis Province, South Korea

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“Let us sing as we go!” This is the phrase which comes almost at the end of No. 244 of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’. Speaking of all of us being on the journey toward God, the Pope stresses that even the current crisis and uncertainties cannot disperse ‘the hope of those singing as they go.’ How can we sing as we go amidst crisis?

On April 29, important visitors came to our community for the workshop, “Pilgrim of life and peace” which was designed for JPIC coordinators belonging to Major Superior of Women Religious.  Each came from a different congregation which ministers in various areas for the poor. We have been gathering every month to seek for a common direction, actively engaging in small group activities. Our workshop included staying in nature, experiencing a vegan meal, planting trees in a woodland, making the paradigm shift from greed and domination of the earth to becoming global citizen and concluded with an Elm Dance. The Elm Dance is a meditative dance created by Anastasia Geng from Berlin expressing love of nature and its healing power.

The participants were very much satisfied with everything our community prepared. In the places where old trees were cut down we planted 200 seedlings. The sisters were so and happy in their childlike simplicity. At the Elm Dance we remembered a number of the problems of our times and those who are suffering and dying as a result of these problems. It was indeed a time of deep prayer when we focused on cries of others and implored God’s mercy, sending them consolation.

Because of those who hope in despair, hope still exists in the world and the hope of those who sing as they go is the sign of hope many are waiting for.

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