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Installation of the Provincial of Our Lady of Good Counsel Province, Indonesia

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On December 08, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Sisters of Notre Dame of the Indonesian Province, were grateful to God for the installation of our new provincial. Through the congregation, God entrusted the Indonesian SND province to be led by Sister Maria Kharita and her council for the next six years.

The installation ceremony was held in a prayer service at 5.00 p.m; in the Chapel of Santa Maria Pekalongan, which many Sisters from the communities attended, while some joined online via zoom. Sister Maria Monika, as the former provincial, installed the new Provincial, Sr. M. Kharita as well as her council. They are Sr. M. Robertin as the first assistant, Sr. M. Yuliana, Sr. M. Yosi, and Sr. M. Bertin. In Sister Maria Monika’s remarks, she wished for us to support each other with these inspirational words, “Where the grass sways, there God’s grace overflows,” which means God bestows His grace upon us when we are obedient to the mission.

Sr. M. Kharita also conveyed the same message in her first remarks. “As SNDs, we live in total obedience because we follow the same, Jesus. Obedience is the virtue that we live by every moment. In our limitations, God empowers us in every mission. We must see the cross as a transforming power. Therefore, we are all responsible for its implementation. What is inspired by the deepest desires of each of us can only be realized with a collective commitment embodied in provincial programs and strategic plans. We think and act professionally for our future. Together we face today’s challenges that are not easy. We renew our way of witnessing by building dignified relationships in the spirit of synodality. Hopefully, God’s obedience will move us all to build communions like Mary, who is faithful and present for our Church and Congregation.”

After the prayer service, the sisters congratulated the new provincial and the council in front of the chapel. Congratulations, Sister Maria Kharita and the council. May God bless the good intentions and hopes of the sisters in developing our province.

Soli Deo.

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