Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

Installation of the New Provincial Team, Regina Pacis Province, Incheon, South Korea

On September 2, 2017, Regina Pacis Province held the installation ceremony of the new provincial team: Sister Marie Julia as the new provincial, Sister Marie Jung Hae as her assistant, Sister Marie Ignazia, Sister Marie Thoma, and Sister Marie Philia as councilors, who will serve the province for the next six years.

Amid the prayers and blessings of the community of sisters, Sister Marie Julia offered the constitutions, asking for grace that she may lead the province according to the spirit and content of the constitutions and may try her best, encouraged by the prayers and support of sisters

We prayed, entrusting this new beginning to God: Send your Spirit through your servant Jesus upon these sisters. Send the spirit of wisdom and insight, the spirit of council and fortitude, the spirit of humility and justice, and the spirit of charity and compassion. Amen.

We thank Sister Marie Aquina and her councilors, who have been fully faithful for the past nine years to their mission of incarnating the love of God and developing the province. May God bless them and Holy Spirit guide the new leadership team.

We offer our greatest gratitude, praise, and glory to the love of the good and provident God who accompanied us throughout big as well as little events, such as our constant efforts for renewal of our vows and faith and the celebration of fifty years of Notre Dame presence in Korea.

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