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Incheon Provincial Government receives in-service in Rome

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A ten-day in-service program for the new leadership team of the province of Incheon, South Korea, was offered by Sister Mary Kristin and the general administration from November 20-30 at the Generalate and Motherhouse in Rome. The new provincial government includes: Sister Marie Julia Seon, Sister Marie Jung Hae Jang, Sister Marie Ignazia Song, Sister Marie Thoma Kim and Sister Maria Philia Kim.

The in-service program was designed to assist each participant in deepening her understanding of her personality and giftedness and growing as an integrated person. The members of the general administration took turns in giving input on various topics which aimed to strengthen the new team’s leadership skills. Sister Marie Julia said, “We are grateful to Sister Mary Kristin and her team for accompanying us during our in-service program and for all the assistance we were given to lead the Province according to the Spirit of our Congregation. We are challenged to live our role of prophetic women and to become new wine in new wineskins.”

The new team also worked out the Action Plan for their province for the next five years and discussed urgent needs. We wish Sister Marie Julia and her council God’s blessings in abundance!

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