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Hospital ND São Sebastião celebrates its 80th Anniversary, Passo Fundo, Brazil

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November 21, 2017 was the chosen date to celebrate the 80 years of commitment to life by the Hospital ND São Sebastião, Espumoso, RS, a mission achieved by caring for people through health care services and pastoral care of the sick.

To brighten up the event, the local and regional community who gathered in front of the Hospital, had the opportunity to enjoy a Christmas Concert performed by the Notre Dame Orchestra from Passo Fundo – a delightful spectacle very much enjoyed by the audience.

The celebration had another significant milestone in the history of the Hospital: the inauguration of the new Sister Maria Mechtilda Videoscope Center, as well as other relevant departments to provide excellent health care services. The name designated for the Center pays tribute to an ND German missionary Sister who dedicated her life to health care ministry in Brazil.

The Sisters who minister in the Hospital, as well as the other professionals and collaborators of the Institution, are grateful for the presence of the Provincial Administration and the local and regional community at this extraordinary event for the 80th Anniversary celebration.

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