Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

“Here we are, Lord,” Coesfeld, Germany

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“Here we are, Lord”: Perhaps this is the right motto for us at Emmaus House. June 15 marked one month since we began here.  What do we do? We wrote in our mission statement that, with joy and creativity, we help the Sisters at Kloster Annenthal. Our mission statement also includes our commitment to be a presence to all the churches in Coesfeld. When the parish priest came over to meet us, he asked that we help with communion distribution on Saturdays and Sundays. Another time commitment during the summer is the garden, which needs daily attention. Also, we are in the process of learning how to drive a stick shift! Beyond these activities, we are searching for where we are needed. One local request we found is to provide child care for mothers while they do grocery shopping or keep doctor’s appointments.

This year’s pilgrims from the USA came to visit us in Emmaus House, along with their guides, Sisters Regina and Julindis (photo above, upper left). Both guests and hosts enjoyed the time together. Before the pilgrims left Coesfeld, we had lunch together in Kloster Annenthal and sang our farewell: “Good bye and have a nice trip, dear sisters.” We really felt our sisterhood as SNDs.

A liturgical event also brightened our calendar. Together with the people of St. Lamberti and Maria Frieden parishes, we joined the procession of the Most Blessed Sacrament from the church of Maria Frieden, passing our house, and attending Mass in the garden at Kloster Annenthal (photo above, lower left). The participants noticed the flags at our entrance when they passed by Emmaus House, representing our countries of origin: Germany, Sr. Almuth; Korea, Sr. MuYoung; Indonesia, Sr. Henrika; and the United States, Sr. Kerstin (photo above, upper and lower right). After the liturgy, the procession followed another route back to the church. Many parishioners participated in this traditional German celebration in honor of the Body and Blood of Christ.

We had another special experience of sisterhood. Our sisters in Munster invited us for dinner, so we all visited their convent, where Sisters Henrika and MuYoung had stayed while they were learning German. After evening prayer in the chapel, we grilled barbecue on the outside porch of the convent. All had a very enjoyable time.

Our days also include sharing household tasks and various kinds of support for the community at Kloster Annenthal: playing the organ, working in the laundry, taking time to visit with the sisters.  We have experienced so many blessings from God; we hope we are always able to bring God’s blessings to others through our presence in the international community.

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