Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

Hellos and Good-byes, Rome, Italy


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On December 27, we said farewell to Sister Maria Insun Kim who returned to Incheon, Korea. For the past five years Sister ministered in the apostolate of prayer and as organist while assisting with the care of the chapel. Sister will be missed especially in chapel where she enhanced our liturgies on a daily basis. We wish her many blessings as she returns to her home province and new ministry.

On December 4, we were happy to welcome Sister Maria Yohanisa Jemlis from Pekalongan, Indonesia, to the Motherhouse. Sister has recently completed a degree in English and will now be studying at the Angelicum, Rome. On September 3, Sister Maria Nonata de Aguiar Bezerra from Passo Fundo, Brazil, moved to the Motherhouse and is currently attending language classes for English. God often blesses us with opportunities to welcome new members to Casa Madre as well as the grace to say good-bye to others. It is all part of the nature of our international community.

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