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Healing Service through the Intercession of Sister Maria Aloysia

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Sister Maria Aloysia visited St. Richard School to tell about herself and lead a healing service for an eighth-grader named Claire. Dressed as a school teacher of the 1840s, Sister Valerie Schneider personified the foundress and told the students about her life from birth until death, using a PowerPoint presentation. The students also learned about a woman in Delphos named Annie who was cured of bone cancer through the intercession of Sister Maria Aloysia. Then the family of Claire gathered around her, followed by all the students and faculty and some interested parents and parishioners. Everyone had a card and prayed together for a complete cure for Claire through the intercession of Sister Maria Aloysia. Because Sister Maria Aloysia loved to treat the orphans, each student received a sucker before returning to class. Recently Claire changed her mind about the name she would take at Confirmation on May 22. Her new choice is Maria, and she felt a connection to the foundress with that same name.


5.7.201 Parent Newsletter

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Article re. 125th anniversary of the death of Sister Maria Aloysia
St. Richard School, Swanton, OH 43558

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