Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

He Engraved and Sculpted Us

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On December 11, 2020, an invitation letter came to us: Sr. Elfrida, my partner sister since aspirant days, and me, Sr. M. Paulina. The letter came from the secretariat of the Roncalli Spirituality Center in Salatiga City, Central Java Province, Indonesia. We were invited to join the Preparation Course for Perpetual Profession, which was to be held from January 10 to February 28, 2021. We recognized this as a special gift from God.

Precisely on January 10, the two of us came to Roncalli. We were among 26 participants from 13 Congregations who lived together as a community accompanied by the formation staff, including Sr. M. Virgo, SND, as one of the spiritual team. We enjoy every moment of the lessons, sharing, prayer, and recreation in this community. Since the center had a tight protocol during the pandemic time, we wore masks, washed our hands often, and kept the required distance.

We were happy to share the spirit of SND. Since we have been together for years and gone through countless joys and sorrows in our struggles, we grew in the spirit of unity as Sisters of Notre Dame to fulfill God’s will in our journey. We did our best to strengthen and support each other to keep going, to love God through our congregation.

This time was also a moment to recall and reflect on our journey through writing a diary. During our formation, writing the diary was just a routine exercise. Somehow now, we became more motivated to recognize God’s presence in our experiences. We learned more about prayer, community life, sexuality, healing, the history of consecrated life, and vows. This learning has opened our minds and hearts to God’s love and how he chose us, not because of our appearance and our ability but with love as the only reason.

Another wonderful experience was the eight days’ retreat. It was such a vacation with God that we enjoyed abiding in him during this blessed time. However, we realized that God’s love is beyond our thinking and way. His love is more than anything else; His love is not just a word. As we experienced consolation, tears, and joy, he engraved and sculpted us as he knows best for our lives.

No matter what the answer may be, we believe that He loves us. Soli Deo!

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