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“Guardian Sister”

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To celebrate the Patronal Feast of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame, which was celebrated on March 25, 2023, Our Lady of Good Counsel Province of Indonesia organized a very interesting program called, “Guardian Sister.” The morning activities were led by Sr. M. Chalista and Sr. M. Anna. They prepared several games in which all the sisters participated.

The purpose of the Guardian Sister Program is to ensure that there is no distance in the relationship between older and younger Sisters, and that they always pray for each other and, of course, support each other in all the ministries they have been given. “This Guardian Sister Program is a moment for the sisters to get to know each other, to pray for each other, to support each other, to greet each other, both by phone and video call, and to give each other little surprises,” said Sister Maria Kharita in her remarks as Provincial Superior.

The sisters were very enthusiastic about being a part of this activity. It was very exciting because the sisters had no idea who would be their guardian sister. Each of the sisters was focused on seeing who their Guardian Sister would be when Sister Maria Elfrida showed the random name selector.

The sisters expressed their joy with hugs and short messages encouraging each other to be mindful to respond to God’s call in their daily lives.

Many of the sisters who participated in this event expressed their happiness because they felt they had friends to pray for and support them in their daily lives.

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