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Greetings and heartfelt gratitude from PNG



20141204_PNG_02_w400It was four years and two months ago I was asked to come to PNG: Papua New Guinea Mission. As I am about to leave the place in few weeks’ time, I am filled with gratitude to all those with whom I had worked, lived, especially in the Delegation of the Holy Trinity.

This is a paradise in its original state. Mountains, hills, valleys and flowing rivers, yet to be explored and is still waiting. It is called the paradise because this is originally how God created it. People are very simple unassuming, happy and a day will not pass by without hearing a little cherub walking by you rolling the lid of a water bottle or coke tin. Anything can be made into a mobile vehicle by these little ones. They call me white Mary as I look different from them.

We pray in the church with our parishioners and greeting everyone is important before celebrations begin. When I travel by public transport, people are so friendly and accommodate everyone else.  There is always a room for a sister. I will definitely miss my sisters especially. My community sisters as I have lived here for the last four years. We face many challenges almost every day, but we put our ideas together and find consolation in each other.
I will miss the nature, the beautiful people, simple kind and the lovely flower laden gardens too.  Thank you for letting me becomes part of this mission. God’s ways are amazing, aren’t they? With heartfelt gratitude to all those  whom I  have come across my life.

Sr.Aruna, SND

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