Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

God Continues to Call Women to Religious Life

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Sr. Jennifer’s final profession on July 14, 2013

God continues to call women to religious life . . . but as a society do people slow down enough to really listen?

Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman who professed final vows as a Sister of Notre Dame on July 14, 2013, felt something was missing in her life and listening enabled her to hear God’s call.

Sr. Jennifer Marie says God is still calling and everyone has to fill the God-filled hole in their heart. “God is the only one who can fill it, and then your path is clear,” she concluded.

“We as a whole province rejoice with Sister Jennifer Marie on the occasion of her perpetual profession of vows in our Notre Dame Congregation!  We are grateful to our good and provident God for calling Sister Jennifer to our community, and we thank Sister Jennifer for responding so generously to God’s call. She truly is one with us in spreading the mission of Jesus!” added Sr. Mary Delores Gatliff, Provincial Superior.

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