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Friends’ Day

20131211_Korea_Frineds-Day_03_w400 20131211_Korea_Frineds-Day_04_w400[divider /]On Dec. 1st, 2013, the Vocation office of Regina Pacis Province, Incheon, South Korea, offered a Friends’ Day where postulants invite their friends to the convent. 27 young women including some who have an interest in religious life participated in this first-time event. The program began with recreation time, where they got to know each other, followed by the postulants’ vocation stories and their stories of convent life, which they later expressed in Religious Pedagogical Practice. This day was full of moments which made all think of God’s provident care as well as the beauty of vocation.

20131211_Korea_Frineds-Day_02_w400 20131211_Korea_Frineds-Day_06_w400

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