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First Profession of Incheon Regina Pacis Province: Sr. Marie Luciana and Sr. Maria Bosca

∆ Sr. Marie Luciana                              ∆ Sr. Maria Bosca

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Regina Pacis Province, Incheon, is delivering the good news that two sisters have recently made their first vows. After formation in the international formation house in the Philippines, they returned to their own countries, Korea and Vietnam. Sr. Marie Luciana made her vows in the Incheon Provincial House on March 20, while Sr. Maria Bosca made hers in the Ho Chi Minh community on April 20 with God’s blessings. On Sunday, Mar. 20, under the warm spring weather, the Incheon Provincial House was full of joyful hands that prepared for Sr. Marie Luciana’s profession. Although the ongoing Corona restrictions prevented many sisters from being present as before, her family could attend the Mass, sharing the joy of the special occasion.

After the Mass, the Junior Sisters blessed the newly professed sister with beautiful songs in Maria Hall. This also gave women interested in religious life who came to the ceremony an opportunity to glimpse at the happiness of a life following Jesus.

On April 20, in the Thonbin community in Ho Chi Minh City, the first profession Mass was celebrated. Fr. Toma Aquino Cong, the Pastor of the parish where the Thonbin community celebrated the Mass, while Fr. Paul Phu, an old benefactor of ND communities in Vietnam, gave the homily.

Present at the celebration were Sr. Maria Bosca’s parents, her three elder brothers who had arrived the previous day from the central part of Vietnam, as well as a small number of parishioners and benefactors invited by the community.

Thanks to the senior sisters who already had the experience of preparing for several first professions, the Mass and the ceremony went smoothly amidst blessings and prayers from all.

Trusting in God’s goodness and provident care, we leave the religious journey of the two sisters who take their first steps as Notre Dame women disciples through the intercessions of Our Lady.

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