Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

Find new Energy in our spiritual Heritage, Rome, Italy


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During their annual retreat, a group of sisters of the Sacred Heart Delegation, Rome, walked, with enthusiasm, along the way of our spirituality and charism.

Sister Maria Aldegonda, who has returned from her wonderful experience in the “sitio” of Canoas, was able to convey, with deep conviction, most of what she has lived with her sisters in Brazil.

The Bible and our Constitutions were a big help for the reflections. Creation, Mary our Mother, various Scripture topics, Saint Julie, our Coesfeld Foundresses were the issues of these days. The sisters shared their experiences of life, deepened our origins and experienced the goodness and Providence of our good God. The theme of the cross of Coesfeld represented the heart of this experience, which the participants highly appreciated.

The sisters felt stimulated anew to reread and learn more about our history and to praise the Lord for the wonders He has operated in and through our beloved congregation.



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