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English Language Program in Chardon

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Since early August, we four sisters have been in Chardon for the English Language Program.

In daily classes, we are mastering American English pronunciation and spelling. We use print and digital materials to develop vocabulary and skills in conversation and grammar. We pray morning and evening prayer together and join the Chardon community for liturgy and meals. Each afternoon, one of us brings cold water and conversation to the sisters in the Health Care Center. All day, we listen, speak, eat, laugh, and pray in English, and that is good!

We go out once a week to experience American culture, including the Geauga County Fair, an Amish village, and picking grapes. We’ve been to downtown Cleveland and the Cleveland Museum of Art, attended a Cleveland Orchestra concert, and shared Notre Dame College’s centennial. During the SND heritage tour, we visited the grave of Sister Maria Aloysia. We spent a day at Niagara Falls, New York, and cut pies during the Chardon Barbecue & Boutique.

In visits to the Toledo and Covington regions, we met many sisters and learned about SND USA ministries in education, health care, and service to the poor.

Sr. Oh Song (Incheon), Sr. Franselin (Jakarta), Sr. Vania (Canoas), and Sr. Cristina (Passo Fundo)

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