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Easter with the Youth of Peru


We still keep an echo of the Easter celebration in our heart. It was beautiful here in Peru! In our mission we always have opportunities of new experiences. The celebration of Easter was a gratifying experience. Every year, during the Paschal Triduum, the Pontifical Missionaries Works (PMW) organize the Easter celebration for the youth in different Dioceses of Peru. In order to participate in this celebration we invite young people from different areas, especially those whose experience of faith is not so strong.
As Archdiocesan Coordinator of the PMW of Trujilo, Sister Maria Roselaine, SND, shared in the coordination and the organization of the event. There were different activities for the youth such as times of formation and reflection regarding the Paschal mystery, games and dynamics of integration, celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.
The 435 participants were divided into five groups, and each group received the name of a continent. There were 46 university students who also participated in those five groups and were responsible for their coordination. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm and the joy of these coordinators. Thanks to the action of the Holy Spirit and to the engagement of each young person, the Easter celebration was a success.
On Holy Thursday we started the celebration and all of them were animated and showing great disposition to participate. On Holy Saturday we concluded the celebration with the presence of 350 young people. This high number of participants at the end of the celebration showed their great perseverance, since every day they needed to go back home to sleep and return on the following day.
We could feel in these young ones great thirst for God and sensibility for the things of God. It was a great joy to see how many participated during the whole celebration. Now we are challenged to help them to continue on their journey of faith. We recommend them to the prayers of the sisters. This is Mission! We are here engaged in the mission and you are there, like Moses, continually lifting up your arms and your hearts in prayer, asking the blessings of God.

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