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Discover your dignity and value!

Discover your dignity and value!
Exposition 2021 in Haus Emmaus, Coesfeld

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In September 2021, the church magazine published a long article about Deacon Ralf Knoblauch entitled: “Why does a deacon carve kings and queens?” He explained: In a society in which human dignity is often trampled on, kings give new answers. Every day, the kings give each of us new courage to make a difference in our everyday life in the awareness of our own dignity.

His figures should primarily be dignitaries.

We took up the topic of the dignity of the human being and since the crown as a sign of this dignity appealed to us, we adopted this symbol. This is how 10 stations were created which led the visitors through our garden, inspiring them to reflect and to meditate, but also to interact.

Here are some examples:

Station: Water
This station inspired to stay and reflect.

The figure of an angle accompanies you through the river, the way back to the source. Where is my source, what do I live from? Or: Who was or is an angel for me, who helps me in difficult situations?







Station: The sleeping prince

The suggestions for the visitors:

Take your time – turn on the music if you like and stay for a while.
What does the king dream of? What do I dream of?Have the dreams of my life been fulfilled?
Suggestion for a short night prayer:
Good God, one of your treasures is tired.
Good night.

Station: Tissues of life

We all need respect, men, women, children, the black, the white.
We are all interconnected in the tissue of life.
If you like, you, too, can weave your life thread into it.









Station: Conference in the king’s garden

The title of the conference is: Rays of light for today and tomorrow! How can we make our world more livable, more humane?

Station: Crowning

You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God. Is. 62:3
Invitation: Sit down in front of the mirror with the crown on your head and say: I am a queen.



Station: Upholding the dignity of the human being (Clothe the naked)
A text by Friederich Nietzsche:

In real love, it is the soul that envelops the body,

clothing the naked would mean giving the other his/her soul like a robe and everything would blossom and come to life and there would be no freezing, no starving, no imprisonment. It shows a world which would be quite different if we only did it.






At the exit of the exposition, the participants could design a wall on the question “What is precious to me in my life?” They liked this idea. Some of their answers were: my family and friends, music, prayer, silence, nature, friendship, my rabbit….

Then there was also a children’s day. The children from the nearby integrative day care center for children and their families were invited one morning and one afternoon. They made and painted crowns, and stones with crowns painted on them were hidden in the garden and had to be searched for. A cave for the wren was made with the bigger children so that the smallest king also had a dignified dwelling.

Always remember that you, too, are a king, a queen, and the one next to you as well.

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