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Dialog Projekt in Simanjiro, Tanzania


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Our General Chapter 2016 Document comes alive in many ways especially when living out the various themes.  One of the themes in particular that has been a positive experience for us is Forming Life-giving Partnerships. As early as 2006, our Dialog Projekt group from Germany came to Tanzania and began building a multi-purpose hall in Lesoit.  It didn’t stop there.  When the Sisters in the Delegation were preparing to begin their ministry in Simanjiro in 2010, they were there to help discern with us, assess resources, and discuss how to maintain and sustain the project.  At first they came to build the convent, the school, teacher housing, and so much more. Presently they are digging the foundation for a multi-purpose hall.  We don’t know what we would do without them in this far-away part of Tanzania.  Meetings always take place with Mr. Ernst Spranger before and after the volunteers arrive and leave to discuss plans, make adjustments, discern next steps, etc.

Sister Maria Almuth, from our International Emmaus Community in Coesfeld has been part of this project for many years.  She has taught the women how to bake bread and so much more.  It is a challenge for many of the volunteers to live in Maasai land which can be without water and all the comforts they are used to in their home country.  We marvel at how all of them adjust to their new surroundings. You can see by two of the pictures, how the group began digging the foundation for the multi-purpose hall and how much is completed at this point.

May God abundantly bless these many men and women who give of themselves so generously to building up the kingdom of God in Simanjiro by who they are and what they do. God bless all our Sisters and benefactors who are so much a part of this mission and also gift us with their presence.

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