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Dental Voluntary Service at Buseesa Community

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How good is our good God! Indeed, our God is good to us in our lives. St. Julie Primary School received six Volunteer Dentists from Germany and one from Australia on February 21, 2022. Luca Thomas and Lena Vhperbock from Germany and Australia respectively were experienced dentists guiding the five who were here for their fieldwork. The five dentists in the fieldwork included Alisa Off, Helena Bacher, Lisa Marie, Lenny B. and Esther Kerstin. They had accomplished their course in dentistry in their various universities in Germany.

They started off with the work of examining the dental and oral hygiene of students from St. Julie Model Primary school, Notre Dame Academy, Notre Dame Nursery, St. Peter’s Secondary School, as well as the Sisters, Candidates of Notre Dame, and the teaching and non-teaching staff. They cleaned their teeth, corrected bite issues, and treated them. The dentists were competent and well prepared with different modern equipment like drills, brushes, scalpels, mouth mirrors, dental probes, spoon excavators, and other medical tools. They spent almost two weeks attending to those individuals who needed their care. Their last day of work was March 4, 2022.

In Gratitude to the Dentists, students from grades five and six of St. Julie Model Primary School presented songs of gratitude and danced the Kinyege cultural dance.  Sister Mary Rozaria rewarded the volunteers with different kinds of earrings which made them very happy. At the end of the programme, the dentists expressed their appreciation to the head teacher and the students. They were grateful for the hospitality, generosity and love they received from the Sisters at the convent and everyone in the school.

By Sister Anna Maria Nasande

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