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COVID-19 Pandemic Frame in Indonesia

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The Province of Indonesia today is not very different from other provinces where the Sisters of Notre Dame are located. Day after day, the Covid-19 leaves us with many sad stories of our suffering brothers and sisters affected by the virus: many losing their jobs, economic hardships, celebration of the Eucharist through live-streaming, and so much more. Sister Maria Monika has greeted the sisters in each community, encouraging them to be always faithful to what has been directed by the leaders of the country and the church.  She asked us to look at the positive side. The city of Jakarta, which is usually gray, is now clean and covered with white clouds. The ozone layer is getting thicker so it looks clean. Let us meet the Lord in his secret place and try to see with his heart and eyes. Staying at home is the best thing to do to break this deadly chain of disaster.

The Covid-19 pandemic provides us with opportunity to give testimony through service, greetings, and prayers, especially sisters who work at the Budi Rahayu Pekalongan Hospital and three clinics: St. Yulia Sokorejo, Panti Rahayu Danaraja, and Pratama Panti Bahagia Rembang. Every day our sisters work to respond to the current need. The most important thing is to provide PPE (Personal Protective equipment) and several other necessities to make comfort and safety available for patients diagnosed with the virus. Our present situation shows danger in the declining number of patients seeking treatment. The price of goods becomes very expensive and the needed items are difficult to find. The internal health team also distributes donations through social media to assist the medical team. Praise God, many people are moved to help and give attention and support.  The help they provide encourages the sisters and medical team in managing the pandemic. The sisters are given the opportunity to be creative, for example, in sewing masks and making hand sanitizers from “siri” leaves and alcohol.

The sisters who work in the educational ministry have dismissed the children, while the teachers and employees continue to enter although with restrictions. The children study at home with support from their subject teachers or online teaching. Sometimes children get bored at home, missing school, that place to gather with friends, sisters and teachers. Our hope is that this deadly plague will quickly disappear from the earth, so that all usual activities can continue again.

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