Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

Congregational Renewal Program Underway

The “first” of a series of congregational renewal groups has gotten underway in May 2013, when the sister participants were welcomed to Haus Ludgerirast, a Benedictine Abbey in Gerleve, approximately 10 minutes from Kloster Annenthal.
Upon invitation from Sister Mary Kristin, Superior General, eight sisters, coming from India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Tanzania were privileged to participate in a congregational renewal program in relationship to our General Chapter 2010 document. The purpose of the three week program is twofold: to submerge the participants into an intense study and reflection on our SND spirituality, and to train them to be facilitators for on-going renewal programs in their home provinces/delegations.
The renewal program consists of a twelve day workshop entitled, “Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our Good and Provident God,” and a seven day retreat following the theme, “Tree of Life.” In this scripture-based program, the themes explore our spiritual and historical roots in the light of today’s realities as Sisters of Notre Dame. The program content is designed to allow for personal growth of each sister participant in our SND spirituality through a variety of experiences.
This first program was guided by a team of three sisters: Sisters Maria Julindis and Mary Sreeja, Assistants General, and Sister Mary Joell Overman.
In addition to the workshop sessions, highlights of the three week experience included:
Participating in the outdoor celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi on Thursday, May 30th at Kloster Annenthal. On this occasion, the special collection taken up was given towards the support of our foundations in Tanzania.
Visiting St. Lamberti Church and praying before the Coesfeld Cross.
Making the Coesfeld Way of the Cross.
Experiencing our “roots” in coming to know our sisters in Kloster Annenthal, Coesfeld, beginning with a Sunday morning liturgy, breakfast, the noon meal and afternoon coffee.
Enjoying afternoon coffee and fresh strawberry cake with our sisters in nearby Nottuln.
The program was concluded on June 15,2013, and the sister participants return to their home provinces/delegations with enthusiasm and renewed spirit – eager to share their experiences.


The photo shows (left to right):
Sister Mary Madhuja, Bangalore; Sister Mary Vijaya, Patna; Sister Mary Sneha, Bangalore; Sister Mary Joell, Covington (Coordinator); Sister Mary Lalita, Arusha; Sister Mary Pushpa, Patna; Sister Maria Julindis, Coesfeld / Generalate (Coordinator); Sister Maria Kristiana, Pekalongan; Sister Mary Lilian, Kumdi; Sister Maria Laurensa, Pekalongan; Sister Mary Sreeja, Patna / Generalate (Coordinator)

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