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Colégio Notre Dame Celebrates 100th Anniversary (1)

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On June 7, 2023, Colégio Notre Dame in Passo Fundo, celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding with the motto: “For a Century Cultivating Knowledge to Transform the World”. In addition to being the first educational institution of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Brazil still in operation, it was also one of the pioneers in private Catholic education in Passo Fundo, when it began in 1923 as a small primary school. Seventeen girls made up the first class. The following year, the school welcomed 110 girls as day students and 20 as boarders, all in primary grades. From its foundation to the present, Colégio Notre Dame has followed the principles inspired by Saint Julie Billiart – to educate with kindness and firmness.

Currently, the school serves 1740 students from Kindergarten to High School. In addition to the regular academic curriculum, the students develop skills to promote and advocate for life. Commitment to Gospel values, care for life in all its forms, development of socio-emotional skills, an appreciation of history, teaching excellence, and integration with the local community, are the guiding principles which underlie all the school’s educational practices.


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