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Change in the provincial leadership of the Maria Regina Province, Coesfeld

On Saturday, April 22, 2023, Sister Josefa Maria Bergmann and her Provincial Council were bid farewell after 6 years in office at Kloster Annenthal and Sister Maria Paula Wessel and the new Provincial Council were installed in office. On this occasion, the Superior General, Sister Mary Ann Culpert, her assistant, Sister Marie So-Wha Kwak, and Sister Maria Elke Baumann came from Rome.

About 60 sisters from the European province came together for this celebration. It was a special joy that the sisters from Tegelen were represented in such a large number.

The celebration began in the afternoon with a time of prayer prepared by Sister Maria Regina Pelzel under the theme “For what has been THANKS, for what is to come YES”. Musically, the celebration was supported by Sister Maria Bernarde Derichsweiler on the organ and Sister Maria Manuela Conrad on the transverse flute.

Sister Marie So-Wha made a Zoom live connection possible, so that, Sister Gisela Maria Demming, the 1st Councillor, who is currently making a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, the Sisters from Rome, Sister Mary Aidan from England and many others could also take part.

Before the Magnificate, Sister Josefa Maria placed the list of names of the Sisters of the Province in the hands of the Superior General, thus returning her responsibility. Sister Maria Paula then received this list from Sister Mary Ann. The change of leadership was also illustrated by the two candles presented by Sister Mary Ann. Sister Josefa Maria received a candle with the inscription “THANKS”, Sister Maria Paula one with a “YES“.

In the large refectory, which could accommodate 120 sisters, the program continued. Sister Mary Ann greeted the sisters and expressed her gratitude to the outgoing and new Provincial Councils, accompanied by a gift.

Sister Josefa Maria received a regional specialty from all the communities to equip her with provisions for. What will come next in her life journey.  A large basket was filled with Dutch cheese, cabbage from the Lower Rhine, mustard from the Eifel, orange marmalade from England, a baked dove of peace from Rome and much more. Surprise guests were two mascots from Grünheide near Berlin.

Sister Josefa Maria thanked her councillors of the past 6 years for their trusting cooperation with a bouquet of flowers: Sister Maria Regina Pelzel, Sister Maria Paula Wessel, Sister Birgitt Maria Adelfang, Sister Maria Hadwigis Vrenegor and Sister Andrea Maria Schäfers as economist.

Sister Maria Paula moderated the afternoon. She thanked the members of the new Provincial Council Sister Birgitt Maria Adelfang, Sister Maria Anneliese Stelzmann, Sister Maria Monika Niehues and Sister Gisela Maria Demming with a rose for their commitment.

Afterwards, all guests were invited to enjoy coffee and cake and talk to each other. The joy of seeing each other in such a large group after such a long time was great.

May the Holy Spirit be a strengthening tailwind for the new provincial leadership!

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