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Catholic Day in Münster

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How was it? wonderful, inspiring, Encouraging!

The Catholic Day 2018 has come to an end. All those who participated have every reason to be thankful for all the encounters, inputs, and encouragement. The big main events, the opening ceremony at the cathedral square with the evening of encounter, the great Eucharistic celebrations on the Schlossplatz were an encouraging festival of faith. The presence time of the DOK (German Conference of Superiors of Religious Orders) offered a lot of opportunities for encounter and dialogue. An electric coach shuttled back and forth between Lamberti-Church and the church mile and people were invited to come into contact with religious on their way. The hour of adoration in St. Aegidii on Thursday night was a wonderful community experience. Inspired by the pope’s message for the World Day of Prayer for Vocations this year, some people, among them Maria Küffner from the Focolare Movement, the Youth Minister of the Diocese, Father Kotzur from the archdiocese of Berlin, Sr. Josefa Maria Bergmann as Sister of Notre Dame, and Cilly and Maxi Rutemöller as married couple bore witness to lived vocation. Umbrellas were opened as symbols of going out and living vocation. To close the day, we met in a bar. The evening prayer at Überwasserkirche on Friday had been prepared by religious from the Offizialat Oldenburg and was enriched with creative elements by the Sisters of Notre Dame. Sr. M. Almuth Göke made the harps mentioned in the psalm audible by a Veeharp; instead of a dance there was a peace song with movements. The presentation of the KFD (German, Catholic women’s community) – project choir in which the Sisters of House Emmaus, Coesfeld, sang was pleasant and well attended.
Our ten guests from Hesse also felt very happy at Kloster Annenthal.
The Catholic Day has offered us peace and joy. We are very grateful!

Report: Sr. Josefa Maria Bergmann

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