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Catechesis, a Path to Initiation into Christian Faith, Passo Fundo, Brazil

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Recently, the Church in Brazil expressed the urgent need for a pastoral conversion and a process for evangelization focused on the journey to Initiation into Christian Faith.

With a situation of baptized but not evangelized Christians, the Church in Brazil, with prophetic boldness, summoned all those involved in pastoral work to return to the components of the original catechesis known as the Catechumenate. Only with a new freshness; that is, a return to the sources of the catechumenate, would faithful and persevering Christians and witnesses of the Gospel be born.

Faith celebrated through the liturgy and the immersion in the Word of God, is an important step in the search for a more lived catechesis. In gatherings with parents, young people and adults, it is inspiring to see how the Scriptures are studied, meditated upon, and shared. The Bible is becoming the primary manual for catechesis.

The original Catechumenate is now the foundation for all catechesis in Brazil. It is a catechesis at the service of initiation into Christian faith. The church community, its leaders, its families and its liturgical celebrations must go hand in hand. Every facet of church life is interconnected, creating a sense of belonging, a family of brothers and sisters and transforming social witnesses.

May the Church in Brazil generate Christians who are initiated into the faith and who boldly become better witnesses of the JOY OF THE GOSPEL for the building up of the Kingdom of God.

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