Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

Cantata Natalina, Carazinho, Brazil


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On November 28, 2015, it is the 9th year that the windows of Notre Dame Aparecida School will be lit to sing and celebrate Christmas. All the songs, dances and presentations will tell the birth story of Jesus. For the entire last month, the students have been preparing this presentation. They all participated in publishing videos and presenting the story of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. They remembered that God sent His Son to save humankind regardless of color, faith, race or gender. This contributed to emphasizing the importance of respecting differences, working in solidarity, being more tolerant, having compassion and understanding the values of others.

2015_Passo-Fundo_Cantata-Natalina-02As the Three Kings, guided by a star, arrived to see Jesus, this year’s presentation will also be guided by a star, which will appear on December 21 in the pictures that compose this Christmas presentation.  There will be 15 different hymns sung by adults and children in choral groups and hundreds of artists, singers, dancers, actors and volunteers will help and support the event.

As it is done every year, this celebration includes a social action such as collecting school materials for the students in public schools in Carazinho and Passo Fundo. One can change a T-shirt into pencils, notebooks, colored pencils, and other things like this – during all the celebrations and other meetings.  Parents and others can also do this. Anybody can come to the presentation and have a Christian Christmas experience.

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