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Canonical Study Day of the Notre Dame Sisters in Indonesia

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On October 14-15, the Indonesian Province held a Study Day on Canonical Law, led by Fr. Postinus Gulö, OSC, at the Community Hall of Our Lady of Pekalongan. This study day focused on the vows as the identity and practice of religious life in canonical law.

On the first day, we learned about our identity in our consecrated life through our vows. We discussed, reflected, asked questions of the presenter, and shared in groups. The sisters easily understood all the material and examples because Fr. Postinus shared them in a simple way. On the second day, we learned about canonical offenses and their consequences. The atmosphere of learning together was full of enthusiasm, spirit, and curiosity. The sisters were always eager to learn more.

We came to understand that the purpose of the imposition or declaration of penalties was to reform the offender and to repair the scandal. (cf. Can. 1311), to heal to make him REPENT and to prevent him from repeating the “offense.”

We appreciated the opportunity to learn from one another, as suggested in Pope Francis’ message of April 30, 2023: “This Day is a precious opportunity for recalling with wonder that the Lord’s call is grace, complete gift, and at the same time a commitment to bring the Gospel to others.”

We are called to have a faith that bears witness, a faith that is closely linked to the life of grace as we experience it in the sacraments and in ecclesial communion with our apostolic mission in the world. May the Lord always accompany us on our journey.


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