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Blessing of the New Home of House Emmaus, Coesfeld, Germany

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On Sunday, October 24, 2021, Johannes Arntz, the priest of St. Lamberti parish of Coesfeld, blessed the new dwelling of Haus Emmaus. About thirty people attended. They were neighbors, the former owners of the house, some sisters from Kloster Annenthal, and our special guests, who came from Rome: Sister Mary Kristin and Sister Marie So-Wha.

At the ceremony the priest read the Gospel of Matthew 7:24-25: ”Everyone who hears my words and does them is like a wise man who built his house on a rock, then the rain fell and the flood came, and the wind blew over the house, but the house did not fall because it was founded on a rock.”

He said,”Coesfeld is where your congregation started. Now it spreads across many countries. The seeds that your two founders in Coesfeld had sown, you now carry on, so that they are producing abundant fruits. The presence of the international community in Coesfeld is the result of the seeds sown 171 years ago. The seeds came from God. Like a house which is built on a solid and strong rock, the presence of sisters here and in all countries is a clear sign of the church’s presence `to proclaim the goodness of God.´

At the ceremony some guests presented their wishes for the new house. They brought with them gifts: a candle, flowers, a heart, and a crown as symbols of the hope of the people for this new house.

The atmosphere of God’s presence was felt by listening to the music by Sisters So-Wha, Almuth, Henrika, and Kerstin. While the priest went around to bless every room, accompanied by Sisters Kristin, Josefa, and Almuth, the guests sang the songs led by Sister Henrika.

After the blessing ceremony was over, we all enjoyed fresh beverages and light snacks in the form of fruit and small cookies.  The cookies were provided by our next-door neighbor. The atmosphere of joy and family was felt among us. The guests were invited to view the house and garden. The former owners of the house said: “We are very proud and happy because we can see our house again. All the experiences while we were living in this house resurface in our hearts and memories. Thank you, sisters, for making our former home even more beautiful and attractive.” The former owners of the house also wrote on a message wall which we provided for guests who wanted to express their impressions and best wishes for the event.

We also felt happy because the event went well and smoothly, was simple and full of blessings. Thanks be to God!

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