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Attending the JUND Gathering In-person, Canoas, Brazil

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Finally, time had come to pack our bags and travel to the gathering for JUND youth group animators and mentors. Young people, teachers, and Sisters love to come to Canoas and feel highly motivated to educate themselves to better lead the youth groups in their localities with Notre Dame values, principles, and objectives.

With the support of their mentors, teachers or Sisters, the JUND group animators took to the road and, quite enthusiastically, arrived at the meeting place where they met other young people from Pedro Osório, São Lourenço do Sul, Rolante, Taquara, São Sepé, Júlio de Castilhos, and Canoas.

With the return of the in-person meetings and with the joy that is usual to these gatherings, the young people and mentors participated in various activities coordinated by Sister Shirle Maria and mentor Márcio Amaral. The gathering, held at the Provincial Center in Canoas, from May 13 -15, offered activities which were conducted in different environments of the house, venues ideally prepared for the 32 participants.

In addition to the well-oriented activities for the training of young people and mentors, integration of the participants and the Sisters of the Provincial Center community was provided during meals, snack, and break times. After two years of restrictions due to covid-19, this brought back the energy of the young people to the hallways and some parts of the house.

At the end of the gathering, the participants thanked the sisters for their welcome, teachings and conviviality, indicating how much they had enjoyed the weekend: “It was all wonderful. We loved the weekend and we already have several ideas to develop in our groups.”

Returning home, all the participants look forward to another reunion. The second round of this training will take place in July. JUND animators participate in the two complete rounds, as planned in the formation program.

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