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Arrival of the international community in Coesfeld

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On Monday morning of May 15th, 2017, Sr. Josefa Maria Bergmann and Sr. Lucia Maria Bergrath could happily welcome the four sisters of the international community in Coesfeld at the airport in Düsseldorf.

At their arrival in Kloster Annenthal, they had the great pleasure to meet again with the Brazilian pilgrim sisters.

After lunch, Sr. M. Almuth, Sr. Kerstin Maria, Sr. M. Henrika, and Sr. Marie MuYong walked to their new home in Vogelsang Street. Everything was festively decorated with flowers and a welcome sign for them to move in.

We, the sisters of Kloster Annenthal and House Julia, are happy to have our new neighbors! 

Report and photos: Sr. Josefa Maria Bergmann

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