Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

Another reason to celebrate!


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The Sisters from the Holy Spirit Delegation had two weeks of SND Spirituality Workshop and Retreat.

Our sisters in Kenya had the opportunity in April of this year with Sister Mary Shobha also as a presenter. Then it was brought to The Delegation Center in Tanzania for the other sisters in our Delegation.

Another gift is that five of our African Sisters are in Germany at this moment experiencing the same and surely we can trust that this will continue in the future.

How happy we were to see our Korean Sisters, at this moment, carrying our Coesfeld Cross during their spirituality renewal program in Germany. What a blessing for all of us.

As we gathered and blessed each other, we also prayed for each of you in our Notre Dame family around the world.

20140714_Coesfeld_Holy-Spirit-Delegation-in-Coesfeld_1_w400  20140714_Coesfeld_Holy-Spirit-Delegation-in-Coesfeld_2_w400

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