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A Fabulous Night with St. Michael School, Ahlen

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[divider /]On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of St. Michael’s Vocational College in Ahlen, Germany, the entire school community more than 300 students and teachers went on a pilgrimage to Rome, “The Eternal City” from November 4 – November 9, 2013. On the evening of November 7, they invited the sisters from the motherhouse to accompany them. Knowing how strongly the leadership of this school identifies with the tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame, ten sisters including Sister Mary Kristin, gladly accepted this invitation. We participated in the Holy Mass at Maria Maggiore which had been prepared by the students. The priest, who is in charge of the youth in Ahlen, knew how to address the 16 to 22- year- old students in a special manner. After the Mass we joined the school community on their sightseeing tour, in the blaze of the evening lights in Rome. Together with all the teachers and students we had a delicious supper in a big tent at “Camping Village Fabulous” in Ostia Antica, Rome, which resembles a small town with, for example, a market, a bar, an amphitheater, a restaurant, a soccer field, volleyball field, a tennis court, pools, minigolf and an ice-cream parlor.

Later in the evening, Sister Mary Kristin addressed the students and teachers, explaining to them the history of our German foundation. The students were very inquisitive and showed keen interest in knowing the history of the origin of their school in spite of their exhaustion after a long day. This attentiveness of the students, the teachers and the school administration showed their thankfulness and esteem towards the sisters as well as the continued Christian identification of the school.

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