Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

2021 Provincial Chapter in Covington KY

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The first provincial chapter of Immaculate Conception Province for sisters in the United States was held at St. Joseph Heights in Covington, Kentucky, December 28-30, 2021. Although winter weather delayed some flights, the 72 elected and ex officio delegates arrived in Covington on time and observed Covid-19 safety protocols throughout.

The chapter was a celebration of sharing the congregational mission in our new province. In their consideration of the reports on the state of the province and its finances, and the proposals submitted by the sisters, Sister Margaret Mary Gorman urged the delegates to listen thoughtfully to God’s call to be what our world needs today.

The chapter was the culmination of many 2021 discussions of spirituality, Scripture, various books and articles, and hopes for the future. Because these gatherings were virtual, sisters from across the nation shared in the preparations for the chapter.

Delegates deepened their relationships while working in groups of six during the formal chapter process, as well as during coffee breaks, and an evening of table games, singing, conversation and much laughter.

Covington’s new bishop, Most Reverend John Iffert, celebrated the chapter’s opening liturgy which was livestreamed, as was the concluding prayer service in which all the sisters of the province, especially the delegates to the General Chapter, were missioned to renewed encounter and care for God’s people.

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