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2013 International Formators Conference News

Formators Visiting Germany

20131114_Internationa-Formators-Conference_02_w600Nine Sisters who will be participating in the Formation Conference arrived in Rome on November 5 and 6 only to leave on November 7 for a week-long visit to Germany. Formators who had not yet made the Heritage Pilgrimage were invited to visit our places of founding before the Formation Conference which begins on November 15. The sisters making the visit were from Arusha, Patna, Bangalore, Mozambique, Canoas, Passo Fundo and Chardon. They met in Rome and traveled as a group to Germany where Sister Maria Elke met them and conducted the visits to Mulhausen, Namur, Coesfeld, and Vechta. We look forward to hearing more of their short but rich visit to Germany.

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