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Theme Working Groups

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Saturday the Chapter members began to meet in four different working groups to write the Chapter Document which will outline the focus areas for the next six years and present plans for implementation. Clear directional themes emerged from the reflection and discussions earlier in the week.  Chapter members were given the opportunity to join a working group that corresponded to their interest and energy.   Prior to the work in the afternoon, the Proposal Committee shared proposals that corresponded to the different themes so that they could be integrated into the final recommendations and directives.   The groups will be meeting for the next few days formulating the document to be voted on later in the week.

More sharing from Chapter members:

Sr. Marie Carmel, from the Incheon Province, South Korea, is the JPIC Chairperson of the Major Superiors of Women Religious in Korea (MSWRK).  She also serves as the Chairperson for the Global Climate Change Movement in Korea.  Sr. Carmel reflected, “I feel a spirit of synodality among us. As we share our stories from our various cultural backgrounds, it is clear we are one Congregation being led by God.”

Sr. Marie Martina, also from Asia, is the Local Coordinator for her community.  “I am happy to be a part of a theme working group.  It is clear that the Sisters are very involved and devoted to the work of the Chapter.”

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