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Sister Ottilia Maria

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Ottilia Maria REGERT

Nossa Senhora Aparecida Province, Canoas, RS – Brazil

Date and Place of Birth:              September 15, 1926    Santa Cruz do Sul – RS
Date and Place of Profession:     February 11, 1955       Passo Fundo, RS
Date and Place of Death:            December 26, 2019     Divine Providence Hospital, Porto Alegre, RS
Date and Place of Burial:             December 26, 2019     Convent Cemetery, Canoas, RS

How numerous are your works, Lord. You have done them all wisely. Psalm 104:24

The liturgy of this day, December 26, celebrates St. Stephen and the entrance antiphon reads: “The gates of heaven were opened to blessed Stephen, who was the first among the number of martyrs and therefore is crowned triumphant in heaven.” In the early hours of this day the gates of heaven also opened for Sister Ottilia Maria to participate in the fullness of life with God.

God’s time and ways are permeated with mystery. Sister Ottilia Maria was a 93-year-old sister who found the meaning of life in the service to others. Among the elderly sisters, she was one of the most active. Her mental and physical conditions were quite good; she was still able to do some small community services. Until the last days, before becoming ill, she was busy sewing and caring for plants and flowers. For many years she took care of the chapel, a ministry she did with much love and dedication.

Sister was to celebrate her Jubilee on January 4th. However, the good God surprised her by calling her to celebrate her 65th Jubilee in heaven, together with the Virgin Mary, to whom she had great devotion, and with the angels and saints.

Ottilia Maria was the third of the fifteen children of Peter and Elisa Regert, nine of whom have already completed their earthly journey. She was born in a deeply religious family, a cradle of vocations, which offered to the Church six vocations to religious life: Sisters Ottilia Maria, Maria Ermelinda (deceased in 2001), Maria Leda and Julita Maria entered the Sisters of Notre Dame. Brother Bertoldo and Brother Leo joined the Society of Jesus.

Sister Ottilia Maria entered the novitiate of the Congregation on February 12, 1953. From the second year of novitiate on, she used her gifts mainly in household services, especially in cooking and sewing. She was a good seamstress. For many years she made clothing for the sisters in different communities. In her retirement years, she visited hospital patients and the elderly and sick people at home. Sister comforted the sick, giving them a good word and bringing them the Eucharist.

The Regert family always cultivated strong family bonds, gathering together whenever possible. Likewise, the three Sisters, Ottilia Maria, Maria Leda and Julita Maria enjoyed being together and sharing their lives.

Sister Ottilia Maria was a determined woman and had a strong personality, yet she was sensitive and grateful for the service of the other sisters. Always present and participative in community prayers, activities and meetings, she also nurtured a great love for the Eucharist and devotion to Mary. She was often seen praying the rosary while sitting or walking in the garden.

On December 25, the whole world celebrated Christmas, the first coming of Jesus. The Gospel proclaims that the angels announced a great joy: “A Savior has been born for us.” Sister Ottilia Maria experienced many Christmases throughout her life. This time, she celebrated this historical event in a hospital bed, waiting for the second coming of Jesus. At dawn, at about 3 a.m., she accepted Jesus´ invitation for her last, complete and definitive self-giving: “Come, you who are blessed by my Father; receive your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.”

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