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Sister Mary Veronica

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(formerly Sister Mary Thaddea)

Veronica Elizabeth BLASKO

(natural sister of deceased Sister Mary Anne)

Immaculate Conception Province, USA

Date and Place of Birth:                 May 23, 1937                 Cleveland, Ohio
Date and Place of Profession:       August 16, 1957             Cleveland, Ohio
Date and Place of Death:               December 5, 2022        Health Care Center, Chardon, Ohio
Date and Place of Burial:               December 9, 2022        Resurrection Cemetery, Chardon

Veronica was the fourth of six children born to Emery and Mary Anna ((Mudri) Blasko. The family lived in Cleveland where her mother served as a nurse and her father worked in the steel industry. In 1946 they moved from the city to a 72-acre farm in the country, very close to Chardon. Days were filled with new and exciting experiences and adventures. The children attended catechism classes at St. Mary’s and then at St. Helen’s, where they were taught by the Sisters of Notre Dame. Sister Mary Viola Klavon, her teacher, invited Veronica to become an aspirant at Notre Dame Academy in Cleveland to further discern God’s call. Veronica attended the Academy and entered as a postulant on February 2, 1955. Her older sister, Mary Anne, also drawn to religious life, entered on the same day! At investment Veronica received the name Sister Mary Thaddea.

For over thirty years Sister Mary Veronica ministered in food service at the provincial house and other large community convents. She provided a variety of nourishing meals using her skill at large-quantity cooking combined with her personal touch. Home-made breads, soups and delicious treats for holidays and celebrations were welcomed and appreciated. Sister was ready with a cheerful greeeting, a cup of coffee and a snack for the maintenance and housekeeping staffs, delivery drivers and anyone who stopped by to visit. Her hospitality always included a promise of prayer.

From 1989 to 2010 Sister ministered as a teacher aide or office staff member at elementary schools in Ohio and Florida. The children were dear to her heart. She loved being involved in the many one-on-one opportunities to enrich their education and their lives. Whatever the age, Sister was devoted to serving and caring for others. Despite many health issues over the years, she remained optimistic, “I am blessed through all this and hope I can continue to help others.” She was gifted with the ability to keep life in perspective and to offer insightful wisdom.

Sister Mary Veronica moved to Chardon in 2002. She enjoyed reading a good book and assisting with crafts for the Boutique. Many were privileged to pray with a rosary made by her loving hands. Having taught herself the art of sewing, she made many items for home and kitchen. Even when confined to a wheel chair, she baked cookies and pastries, dozens upon dozens, for the Country Kitchen at the annual Barbecue. She was a good conversationalist, a compassionate listener and an understanding and loyal friend who loved a good time and a good joke. Sister treasured each member of her family and enjoyed celebrating life with them.

Her love for Jesus was simple, yet profound, and deeply personal. She prayed, “God has given me new life again and again, across all my paths and in every time.” We pray in thanksgiving for a life devoted to serving and caring for others. May Sister Mary Veronica know eternal rest in the loving embrace of our good God.

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