Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

Sister Mary Verne

VerneESISTER MARY VERNE                            ND 4374
Ann Amelia KAVULA

Christ the King Province, Chardon, Ohio, USA

Date and Place of Birth: May 25, 1928 Cleveland, Ohio
Date and Place of Profession: August 16, 1949 Cleveland, Ohio
Date and Place of Death: June 4, 2013 Health Care Center, Chardon
Date and Place of Funeral: June 10,2013 Chardon, Ohio
Date and Place of Burial: June 11, 2013 Resurrection Cemetery, Chardon, OH

“One only soul to one only God”

Ann Amelia was the third of four children born to Stephen and Josephine (Rusnak) Kavula. Her happy childhood was marred by the death of her father when she was ten. In her first year at Holy Name High School, to help with family finances, Ann obtained a job at the local confectionery—thus began her great love of chocolate! Since the sixth grade, Ann had an idea about being a religious sister. After high school, she chose and then entered the Sisters of Notre Dame from Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Cleveland.

Sister Mary Verne received a bachelor’s degree from St. John College, Cleveland, and a master’s degree from the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. She ministered as an elementry school teacher for thirty-three years, imparting to her students her own love for learning. With well-prepared, organized, no nonsense classes, along with her quick wit and sense of humor, Sister dedicated herself to excellence in Catholic education. Sister Mary Verne also ministered as school treasurer, bookstore manager, Provincial Center librarian, writer of community religion text books, and in the Apostolate of Adoration at the Motherhouse.

Sister Mary Verne had a deep and beautiful love for her brother, two sisters, nieces and nephews. They were always a special part of her life. An avid reader and a wonder with words, Sister’s quest for knowledge reflected a desire to know and appreciate the awesomeness of God’s created world. In the days of retirement, Sister was attracted to the precision and art of sewing. She specialized in making pillows of every variety and every use. Although quiet by nature, she had an understanding and wise heart. Sister was a heart-listener, caring for and holding all in prayer.

The greatest treasure of her later years was the opportunity to have time to sit with the Lord. Sister Mary Verne was gifted with a commitment to contemplative prayer. Her greatest joy was to immerse herself in the bountiful love of her God. Through her illness this past year, Sister journeyed with trust and acceptance. Each day she was a bit closer to the vision of her life—union with God. May Sister Mary Verne now be embraced by the unlimited and incomprehensible love of our good God for all eternity.

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