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Sister Mary Rosetta

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Rose Mary Conrad

Immaculate Heart of Mary Province, Covington, Kentucky, USA

Date and Place of Birth                   December 23, 1925             Cincinnati, Ohio
Date and Place of Profession        August 14, 1962                   Covington, Kentucky
Date and Place of Death                January 31, 2017                 Covington, Kentucky
Date and Place of Burial                February 4, 2017                 Covington, Kentucky

Sister Mary Rosetta was born into the loving and faith-centered family of Mathias and Henrietta Conrad on December 23, 1925 in Cincinnati, Ohio, along with her beloved twin sister, Lilly.  Rose Mary was the eighth of thirteen children. Her large family had such a special impact on her that it was hard for her to leave them as she felt the call to religious life. It took her several years to decide. It was not until after her father’s death that she realized she could fulfill her call. Sr. Rosetta joined the Sisters of Notre Dame and made her profession of vows on August 14, 1962.

Sister Mary Rosetta began her ministry as a childcare worker at the Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home.  Sister then ministered at St. Joseph Heights helping in various duties. In her years at St. Joseph Heights she helped with secretarial work, tape recording, printing, photographing at celebrations, and housekeeping for the chaplain. When Sister M. Rosetta retired she continued her community service and was a weekly visitor to the residents at St. Charles Community while participating in the SND Apostolate of Prayer for the congregation.

Sister Mary Rosetta will be remembered for her contagious smile and her unforgettable jokes. She knew how to make all leave a room happier than when they entered it.  As Sister M. Rosetta’s nephew, Deacon Jeff Ehrnschwender said during his homily:  “She always made you feel that you were her favorite. When we think of Sister M. Rosetta’s enthusiasm for living, we can see how this trait carried over into her spirituality. She was a woman full of gratitude and thanks.  She allowed Jesus into the smallest details of her life. Always thankful for the goodness she saw around her.” We can still hear her little voice saying “Thank you Jesus!”

Her family described Sister Rosetta as a charming person who was happy with the life she chose and shared that happiness with those around her, all the while spinning like a top and talking breathlessly at a mile a minute. We are profoundly glad to have this feisty little sister of Notre Dame in our lives. There will only be one Sister Rosetta and she blessed the lives of all of us who knew and loved her.

May her smile and the love with which Sister M. Rosetta served her God give her eternal happiness with Him forever! “Thank you Jesus for Sister Mary Rosetta!”

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