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Sister Mary Kathelyn

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Dolores Mary Fritz

Immaculate Heart of Mary Province, Covington, Kentucky, USA

Date and Place of Birth               December20, 1924         Covington, KY
Date and Place of Profession    August 11, 1948             Covington, KY
Date and Place of Death             November 10, 2015        Covington, KY
Date and Place of Burial             November 13, 2015        Covington, KY

KathelynDolores Fritz was born in the family of Stephen and Anna Fritz on December 20, 1924. She was the second oldest of eleven children. The family was described as close- knit and loving. Sister was known as her “Mothers Helper,” always taking care of the babies. On Sundays Sister would often take her brothers and sisters for a ride on the street car. She even helped another family with their first born son who had a serious breathing condition. She was so worried about his condition that she baptized him without his parents knowing. Before she entered the convent she told the family that their son was baptized. He later attended all Catholic Schools and became Catholic.

Sister knew by the time she was in the seventh grade that she wanted a vocation to religious life. She was inspired by the Sisters who taught her at St. John school. She saw happiness, simplicity and unity in the life of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Her parents were not surprised at her decision to become a part of this loving community and supported her with their own teachings to always trust in Jesus in all circumstances. One could witness this strong faith throughout their family. Sister had two other siblings that became Sisters of Notre Dame: Sr. Mary Ann Adele and Sr. Mary Stefanie. Both have preceded Sister in death.

Sister’s love of children continued as she started her first ministry at St. Joseph Orphanage as a Group Mother. Shortly after, she was assigned to assist in the kindergarten and care of the chaplain at the Provincial House while helping with the sewing and house work. Soon she was in charge of the lingerie and housekeeping. In 1974 Sister was assigned to help with the laundry and housekeeping at St. Charles Nursing Home until 1981. Sister Kathelyn then supervised the Notre Dame Academy student co-op program for five years. She returned to the Provincial House in 1992 with a variety of ministries from care of guest rooms to assisting with the linen room. In 2012 she entered the Lourdes Hall Care Center to enjoy the later years of her life.

Sister Kathelyn always had a smile to share, especially when she spoke of her family. The Fritz family was a large part of her life. They visited her and Sister Stefanie often. She shared many happy family memories and stories. It was no surprise that her family was with her as she entered into the arms of our loving God. May she now be reunited with the rest of her family, friends, and sisters.

May she enjoy the peace and happiness of being in the presence of God, to whom she devoted her life. May she now rest for ever in his hands!

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