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Sister Maria Patrisia 

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Theresia Semi

Our Lady of Good Counsel Province, Jakarta, Indonesia

Date and Place of Birth:                 November 27, 1939      Sleman, Indonesia
Date and Place of Profession:       January 4, 1961            Pekalongan, Indonesia
Date and Place of Death:               November 5, 2019        Pekalongan, Indonesia
Date and Place of Funeral:            November 6, 2019        Pekalongan, Indonesia

“I have loved thee with an everlasting love;
therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee.”  (Jer. 31.3)

Theresia Semi was the fourth child of Mr. Wagiyo Joyosuwarno and Mrs. Sayem. They had three sons and two daughters. Semi was raised and educated in a non-Christian family in Sleman.

On May 28, 1955 she was baptized in a Catholic Church in Klepu and received the Sacrament of Confirmation on August 25, 1955. As a young girl she had already had a deep love for Christ and had the dream to become a religious. On January 16, 1958 her dream came true. She entered the SND Congregation in Pekalongan as a postulant and on October 30 she had her investment and received her religious name, Sr. Maria Patrisia.

Jesus and Mary were always her model in living her religious life. We knew her as patient, friendly, simple and sincere. She was dedicated in doing her tasks. After her temporary profession she was in charge of the laundry as well as the chapel. She had a way to make the chapel look beautiful and fresh with flowers here and there. She had an artist’s heart in arranging flowers. She reprocessed the used candles into new ones. We never lacked candles to support our prayer and to celebrate the Eucharist. When the sisters needed a helping hand, they came to Sister Maria Patrisia and were sure they would find what they needed. She was always sincere and hospitable in her effort to make everyone happy. Sister enjoyed preparing the chapel for any special celebrations of our Congregation, e.g. jubilees of the sisters. She did everything perfectly, with all her heart. Her simple and joyful way in implementing the tasks given to her in our community was a good example for us and for the young generation.

She was a sister with a ready smile and full of gratitude. For any attention or gift, though very small, she gave a big smile and a hearty “thank you”. She showed her concern to young and junior sisters who ministered in schools by asking questions about how everything was going on and whether they could manage their tasks well and be happy. This support made the sisters feel close to her.

In her years of retirement Sister M. Patrisia continued to participate in the adoration hours. With the other sisters she made rosaries as our contribution to the SND Mission in Timor and the Philippines. In recent months Sister’s health declined. Yet she stayed calm. She asked Sister Maria Klara, our 86 year old sister to pray the rosary with her every day. She was hospitalized several times. Before her last days Sister was in intensive care. In her suffering she was always longing for the song ”Wat Zijt Gij goed, o Heer” (How good You are oh God). She made an effort to sing the song together with Sister Regina Maria, our local superior who accompanied her.

On Sunday, November 3, 2019 Sister Maria Patrisia received the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. On Tuesday morning at 11.10 am she left us because our Good God ended her suffering and called her into his Kingdom to live happily with Him forever. Farewell dear Sister Maria Patrisia. We thank you for your presence among us with all your kindness and love. Now you experience God loves you with everlasting love.

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