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Sister Maria Jean Baptist

Sister Maria Jean Baptist                  ND 4811                PDF Download
Wilhelmina Leonarda Maria van Goch

Regina Virginum Delegation, Tegelen The Netherlands

Date and Place of Birth               October 09, 1923   Asten,          The Netherlands
Date and Place of Profession    August 10, 1956    Tegelen,      The Netherlands
Date and Place of Death             June 30, 2016       Tegelen,      The Netherlands
Date and Place of Funeral         July 05, 2016         Tegelen,      The Netherlands

How lovely is your dwelling place, O lord of hosts! Psalm 84 

JeanBaptistSister Maria Jean Baptist passed away unexpectedly and gave her life back into the hands of her Creator at the age of 92. Praying and waking she went to face Him. Sister lived out of God’s love and found life in Christ following Him. Sister Maria Jean Baptist prayed a lot.

Sister was born in Asten as the second child of Wilhelmus van Goch and Maria Petronella Cuypers. They had 9 children, 2 boys and 7 girls. Soon they moved to Gemert, where sister had a very good youth.

Being the eldest daughter, she learned to help take care of her younger brother and sisters. She took a course in family assistance, but due to her frail health she could not work much in families.

She then went for training as a kindergarten teacher. In those days the distance between Gemert and her school was too far. For this reason she lived in her aunt’s uncle’s and house for a few years.

They were good friends with the Sisters of Notre Dame who worked in the Parish in Helmond. This is where Sister Jean Baptist met with sisters and after she completed her teacher’s training, she joined our Congregation at the age of 30.

After her profession she worked as a kindergarten teacher in Hoensbroek and Lauradorp.

Later she was responsible for groups of children in the children’s homes in Wassenaar and in Herpen.

Sister worked hard in her own way. No work was too much for her, not even after retirement. She took care of diets in the kitchen, helped take care of the sick, worked at the reception desk, took care of the refectory, and other household chores. She did them all with pleasure!

For everybody who knew her, she was an example of solid Faith in God. Now that we have to live without her, we don’t want to be sad but grateful to have had her in our midst.

May she rest in peace.

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