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Sister Maria Imeldina    

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Wilhelmina VAN OEKEL

Maria Regina Province Coesfeld (Tegelen)

Date and Place of Birth:                 May 10, 1931             Helmond, the Netherlands
Date and Place of Profession:      January 03, 1952       Tegelen, the Netherlands
Date and Place of Death:              May 20, 2024             Venlo, the Netherlands
Date and Place of Funeral:           May 24, 2024             Tegelen, the Netherlands

As the deer longs for streams of water, so my soul longs for you, O God. (Ps 42:2)

Wilhelmina was the eleventh child born to Frederik van Oekel and Wilhelmina Verberne. The family had twelve children. The parents were hard-working and religious. There was always a convivial atmosphere in the family. There was singing, music, recitation and there was always time to play games together.

Already at a young age Willy, as Wilhelmina was called, wanted to become a religious sister. After completing elementary school, she attended high school and then she worked as a telephone operator for two years.

In 1949, she entered the Sisters of Notre Dame in Tegelen. After her novitiate, she obtained a diploma as a teacher and served in different schools of our congregation.

Children were particularly close to her heart. Sister Maria Imeldina was a dedicated catechist during the preparation for First Communion.

After retiring she was allowed to go to Rome as an adoration sister. At the motherhouse she felt at home.

In 1991, she was called back to the Netherlands, where she belonged to the community of the provincial center.

In 1993, she was transferred to Margraten where, as a volunteer, she spent a lot of time with elderly people in Gulpen and with people with mental and / or physical disabilities. She did this work with heart and soul.

When the convent in Margraten was closed, she moved to Cadier en Keer to continue her voluntary work there.

In 2018, she came again to Tegelen because her health deteriorated rapidly. After a short time, she was transferred to the Maria Auxiliatrix nursing home in Venlo where she was lovingly cared for.

We thank Sister Maria Imeldina for her dedication and her cheerfulness.

May she now rest in peace.

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