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Sister Maria Ely

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Ely Tirloni

Holy Cross Province,  Passo Fundo, RS-Brazil

Date and Place of Birth:            April 15, 1935                      Cel.Pilar, Garibaldi, RS
Date and Place of Profession:   February 12, 1961    Passo Fundo,RS
Date and Place of Death:          December 28, 2015  Não-Me-Toque,RS
Date and Place of Burial:           December 28, 2015  Casa Santa Cruz, Passo Fundo, RS

“I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me.” – Phil 4,13

ElyThis sentence was the strength and orientation in Sister’s life. Her confidence in Jesus encouraged her to follow Him during almost 55 Years of consecrated religious life.

Ely Tirloni is the daughter of Santo José Tirloni and Maria Theodora Guarnieri, both deceased. Her mother died of a hemorrhage and her father married again. Her second mother, Tereza, is alive in Ibirubá. Sister had 5 sisters and 3 brothers.

She went to school at the Santa Teresinha School of Ibirubá, because her family moved there. She studied at the Basic School Our Lady of Salete in Maravilha, SC, and did more studies in Passo Fundo. Her Professional Formation was in nursing at the St. Vincent School of Nurses in Passo Fundo. Sr. Maria Ely worked in our hospital and other hospitals for a long time, caring especially for children.

Sister Maria Ely also ministered in Health Pastoral and attended to the elderly. She visited sick people at home and took part in groups of biblical reflection in families. She took care of the chapel, attended to visitors and worked in the garden. She was always attentive to the sisters’ needs. In her quiet manner, Sister Maria Ely a was pastoral and evangelizing presence in our communities and also in other institutions.

Sister M. Ely lived in the S. Teresinha community of Ibirubá until 2014. In January, 2015, she was missioned to Casa Betânia to care for her health. In December of this year, her health became worse and she needed intense medical care. On December, 28th, very early in the morning, God called her to His eternal home in reward for her life given to the care of needy people, children, sick ones and other passers-by.

A special moment of spiritual renewal was the CERNE program (Spiritual Renewal Center) in 1991 and also the opportunity of participating in the pilgrimage to the historical sites of our Congregation in Germany and Italy.

During the 54 years of her Consecrated Life following Jesus as a Sister of Notre Dame, Sr. Maria Ely celebrated her Golden Jubilee in 2011. The Holy Cross Province is grateful to her for putting her life in mission and ministry at the service of the Church and the Congregation.

Thank you, Sister Maria Ely, and pray for all of us to the good God, interceding for your relatives and praying for more vocations to our Congregation and the Church. May the good God give you eternal rest, and the reward of seeing HIS face for all eternity!

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