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Sister Maria Aloisa

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Maria Aselage

Maria Regina Province, Coesfeld, Germany

Date and Place of Birth:              June 17, 1933           Löningen, County Cloppenburg
Date and Place of Profession:   April 03, 1956            Coesfeld
Date and Place of Death:            February 29, 2016    Vechta, Marienhain Infirmary
Date and Place of Funeral:        March 04, 2016         Vechta, Convent Cemetery 

“How good is the good God“! (Julie Billiart)

AloisaIn the last months of her life, Sr. M. Aloisa repeatedly said, “It is wonderful that I can be in this community – everyone is so good to me. …“ In the loving care of others, she gratefully experienced the provident care of our good God. Surrounded by this goodness, she could peacefully give her life back into the good hands of the Father.

Maria Aselage was the daughter of Wilhelmine and August Aselage. She has two brothers, one of whom  is deceased. At an early age, she came to the household of her grandmother and aunt where she spent her childhood and youth. Here she felt at home all her life. She always maintained close contact to her relatives.

After completing basic primary and secondary school, Maria started a commercial apprenticeship. After passing her exam, she worked in Vechta for one year. Then she completed the business school in Ahlen. In Löningen and Ahlen, she got to know the Sisters of Notre Dame and she gradually came to the decision to become a Sister of Notre Dame.

On May 03, 1953, she entered the Congregation in Coesfeld and made her first profession on April 03, 1956. She would have celebrated her diamond jubilee in April and her relatives were already asked to mark the date.

During her first years of religious life, Sr. M. Thekla, an experienced treasurer, introduced her into her ministry. For many years, Sr. M. Aloisa could ask her for advice. From 1963 – 2013, she ministered with great dedication in the administration of the Liebfrauenschule Vechta and for some years also of the vocational school Marienhain. She always had a heart for the entire school community and was open to all their concerns. She was also able listen to people’s private problems. For many people, she was the “good soul“ of the school and a link between the school community and the religious community. She often gave joy to others with her “very special and contagious laugh”. Everybody in the school community loved coming to her office.

Leaving the Liebfrauenschule was extremely hard for her and as long as her serious illness allowed it, she remained in close contact to the school.

Already in 2000, she had to undergo cancer surgery. In spite of intensive and strenuous treatment, she never lost her joy of life. Again and again, she encouraged herself by saying, “I’ll make it“. Looking back on her life, she said, “I’ve had good years”. This feeling of having lived a meaningful life certainly made it easier for her to go home to our good God. She could simply fall asleep to wake up in his presence. We trust and believe that she now enjoys life in abundance in her eternal home.

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