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Sister Ivone Maria     

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Our Lady Aparecida Province, Canoas, RS – Brazil

Date and Place of Birth:                January 7, 1940                   Ivorá, Júlio de Castilhos, RS
Date and Place of Profession:      February 11, 1960                Passo Fundo, RS
Date and Place of Death:              July 16, 2023                        Recanto Aparecida, Canoas, RS
Date and Place of Burial:              July 17, 2023                        Convent Cemetery, Canoas, RS

“Let the little children come to me.” Mt 19:14

In the year in which we are celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Sisters of Notre Dame’s presence in Brazil, the Lord once again visited Our Lady Aparecida Province and called one of His daughters, Sister Ivone Maria, to join Him in heaven.

Ivone was the sixth of nine children born to Amancio and Pasqualina Giacomello Pippi. She spent a happy childhood amid nature, on the farm from which her family drew their livelihood. Ivone inherited a deep faith based on Christian and human values from her family. These qualities together with the Notre Dame’s spirituality and charism, sustained her throughout her journey on earth.

At the age of 17 Ivone entered the postulancy in the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Passo Fundo. Faithful to the Lord’s call, and having completed her initial formation, Sister pronounced her final vows on February 10, 1965, in Canoas.

Following her graduation as a primary school teacher, Sister was also licensed to teach the Sciences, and did a Specialization in Kindergarten teaching. From the beginning of her religious life, Sister Ivone Maria ministered as a teacher in Early Childhood Education, in primary grades, and in Religious Education in several Notre Dame schools as well as in public schools in the state of Tocantins in Northern Brazil.

In 1989, Sister Ivone Maria undertook various pastoral care activities, especially among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the cities of Gurupi, Marianópolis and Divinópolis. She coordinated adult literacy, catechesis, liturgy, and youth groups. She also visited families in order to bring the Word of God to people who were thirsting for Him, especially in parishes without a priest. Sister Ivone Maria was creative and dedicated to preparing materials that would contribute to the growth and development of the poorest people. Sister never measured her efforts or the distances necessary to conduct her mission during the 17 years she spent in northern Brazil. Several times she also served as local superior.

Sister returned to southern Brazil in 2006 for health reasons. In 2007, she became a member of the Recanto Aparecida community where she was an active participant in community life, carrying out small community tasks, always present for prayer, and cultivating a special devotion to Our Lady. From 2012 on, her illness deprived her of any physical activity. The sisters in the Recanto Aparecida community were very understanding and lovingly took care of Sister until her death. On the afternoon of July 16, 2023, at 4:30 pm, at the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Mother Mary came to take her daughter, Sister Ivone Maria, and lead her to her Son Jesus.

May the good and provident God grant her eternal rest for all the good she accomplished during the 63 years of her religious life, and for her kind and resigned heart throughout the years of illness. May Sister Ivone Maria, rest in peace.

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